Friday, June 26, 2009


Little black boy, king of pop, moonwalker, suspected child abuser, the man with the thousand faces… MJ has finally taken a silent bow… on the 25th of June.

The superstar was all set to make a comeback during his tour starting July 13th, before the world could watch him moonwalk again, he walked away leaving nothing but a grim silence and a somnolent music in the hearts of his fans.

In a newspaper report on June 15th, it was reported that MJ was throwing tantrums during rehearsals. He would vomit, cry, faint… and that these sudden feats were actually pissing off the show producers. Nobody believed that the superstar was unwell, that it would take less than a month for him to pass away… that all these big bets, which were not even making the first page of the newspapers would have to die down soon. MJ wasn’t throwing tantrums… he was dying.

There will probably be a thousand candles burning in the memory of the superstar all across the world, a million hearts crying out for him, and a million voices uniting to sing his songs of peace.

Ever since the 80s we have seen MJs thousand faces, his changing skin, his altering looks that the newspapers have screamed about. Ever since the 1990s – we have looked at him as a child abuser… and then sometime in the nineties the Britneys and the spices and the Stings of the world started to overshadow him. The children grew up to become drugged stars themselves, more tantrums took over the world and MJ slowly got relegated to a memory – a man who once set the stages on fire but was having a quiet life away from the crowd now.

Over the last few years, we have seen more and more tantrums take over the world – popstars who have shaved their heads, bared their bodies, kissed each other on the stage to grab as much of footage as possible… but hardly have we had someone look back at a gang of ‘beat it’ boys dancing in an underground station or a thousand faces changing colour and still creating a common identity. Black or white, sinner or saint… MJ would always remain the inspiration that he has always been.

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