Sunday, January 25, 2009

To Remember or Not To Remember

Disclaimer: This article is written in haste because there’s just a 15 minute span within which I can remember it before it all disappears into a quagmire called memory – an exit point in this case.

Where am I?

Let me just check my Polaroid shots. Yes, I’m in a house. And what’s that gadget with a 21inch screen… the Polaroid tells me it’s my television set and the flat thing beside it is called a DVD player.

Why am I feeling so pissed off? Ok, there’s a DVD cover around… and who’s this tiny guy on the DVD cover? With muscles bulging out of his body and jagged rivulets running down his head? Ah… he’s called Ghajini. Is he called Ghajini? No, his film’s called Ghajini… ah, now I understand… I was watching a film.

Have I seen this guy somewhere? Was he the guy who was crying out loud because a kid was dyslexic? Was he? Was he? No… that guy probably said he was a thinking actor. This one doesn’t seem like that. And what’s all that scribbled on his body? Ok, let me check my
notes if there’s any info… ah here it is. This guy used to paint the walls earlier… ever since the municipal commissioner ruled out writing on the wall, he has been writing on his body.
And what’s that written on the top… wait, it’s all written backwords like a dyslexic… let me get a mirror…now I get it, it says “ I and my director screwed Chris Nolan’s concept. Thankfully, we didn’t remake his film otherwise he would have died of woe.”

Ya… I pretty much agree… Chris Nolan I remember from the old days before I started to forget. He made some movie called Memento which played half the movie clockwise and half of it anti clockwise… so that they met at a single point of time. Yeah, difficult but stunning. Had to see it twice to figure out what was happening… did this bald guy try to recreate Chris Nolan’s movie in anyway? I think I’ll need to play it again to find out…

Ok… the movie has started… there’s a sexy medical student who is saying ‘I’m a medical student’ time and again. She wants to prepare a case study on a bald guy who forgets everything within 15 minutes. Anterograde Amnesia it’s called… the problem not the student. Wait something crazy is happening… a cop has found the bald headed man killing half the men in town. The bald headed man doesn’t speak much… he just screams.

Is it a horror movie? Or some psychological thriller of sorts? Wait… let me check the back of the DVD… no it’s supposed to be a revenge drama. The bald headed guy wants revenge… someone killed his girlfriend before he could say “ hey I can write on my body”.
Ah… it’s moving backwards now… we’re getting into the past.

Some girl called Asin is coming up with a lot of asinine suggestions… he is trying to woe her. Nothing much in that.

Again back to present… he’s screaming and beating people up. Killing a few in the score.

Back to past. Someone killed the girl… what was her name by the way? (Asin? Ass in? Assinine? Can’t remember) And that someone is now beating him up… hey presto? The someone is called Ghajini! Now where did I hear the name? It sounds familiar.

Now, the bald headed guy lives in a flat and his employees want him to live in a bungalow. No, he loves the flat. He can travel by lift. The medical student who calls herself a medical student has come back to him. She wants him to go back and finish off Ghajini. Ghajini? Now I was sure the name was familiar.

Ok… back to story. Bim, bam, bang, gong… one guy beating a hell lot of other guys. Lots of noise around… and someone has been saying ‘shoort tirm memary looss ka pasient’ time and again. It’s getting real tiring.

More boom, bam happening across the screen. It looks primitive… nobody has any gun, all beating each other up with metal rods… lots of blood.

Still happening…

And more…

Ok… fight still on…

And on..

And on…

Oh gosh… someone has died. Yeah, the guy who was Ghajini (Did I hear the name before?) has died.

Now, there’s a guy with full hair playing with kids and stealing their cakes… hey what’s the deal here?

Ok… end credits across screen.

End credits? Was I watching a movie? Wait a minute…

Where am I?
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